Frequently Asked Questions

What type of testing does California state law require?
There are three phases to testing for compliance in the state of California. While testing varies depending on the type of product in hand, it will usually include potency, pesticides, microbial, water content, residual solvents, terpenes, mycotoxins, and heavy metals.
Do you accept walk-ins?
Yes we do. However, we only accept walk-ins if you want to test your own products for personal use.
How Does Lab Testing Work?
Each test our lab performs may vary subtly depending on the product being tested. For all products, each sample is meticulously tracked, prepared for testing and input into our innovative analytical machinery. The samples will then be reviewed by our team for accuracy and results are uploaded to our website.
How do I access my results?
You will be given a login information to take you to your personal profile where you can find every detail about the products you sent us for testing.
How do I submit my sample to you?

We will have a courier service available at your convenience for pick-up. You can also call or visit our contact us page to schedule an appointment where you can drop off your products and visit our facility!