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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of testing does California state law require?
There are three phases to testing for compliance in the state of California. While testing varies depending on the type of product in hand, it will usually include potency, pesticides, microbial, water content, residual solvents, terpenes, mycotoxins, and heavy metals.
Do you accept walk-ins?
Yes we do. However, we only accept walk-ins if you want to test your own products for personal use.
How Does Lab Testing Work?
Each test our lab performs may vary subtly depending on the product being tested. For all products, each sample is meticulously tracked, prepared for testing and input into our innovative analytical machinery. The samples will then be reviewed by our team for accuracy and results are uploaded to our website.
How do I access my results?

Test results will be emailed and are also available on the customer’s confident cannabis portal. 

You will be given a login information to take you to your personal profile where you can find every detail about the products you sent us for testing. Please contact us if you have any issues getting access to your information. 

How do I submit my sample to you?

We will have a courier service available at your convenience for pick-up. You can also call or visit our contact us page to schedule an appointment where you can drop off your products and visit our facility!

What forms of payment do you accept?
We require payment before releasing results. We accept the following forms of payment: cash, credit card, check, wire transfer or ACH.
What’s the difference between Compliance testing vs. Quality Assurance/R&D testing?

The main difference between compliance testing vs. quality assurance/R&D testing is how the test results are handled once testing is complete. For compliance testing, no matter if the material passes or fails, the results are submitted to the BCC (Bureau of Cannabis Control). Quality assurance/R&D testing is for in-house purposes only, and test results are returned to the originating test requestor.

To perform a compliance test, you must have a license number and follow guidelines as outlined by the state. For more in-depth information, visit our ultimate guide to compliance testing vs. quality assurance testing.

What are the requirements for compliance cannabis testing in California?

In California, all marijuana products (harvested flower, and manufactured goods) must undergo a compliance test, in accordance with regulations prior to being sold. Currently, Phase 3 of compliance testing is active for what cannabis products must be screened for To find out more about what’s tested to pass for sale, visit our detailed guide here.

Do you offer re-testing in accordance with California regulations?

Per California requirements, a cannabis testing facility may only re-test a sample from the same batch twice, once the sample batch has been remediated. All remediation techniques must follow the guides of the BCC (Bureau of Cannabis Control).

Prior to remediation, a remediation corrective action plan must be submitted to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). Once approved, you can move forward with remediating the cannabis product, and re-submit for compliance testing. The same compliance testing costs are associated with re-tests, unless negotiated with Labplex or your account manager, directly. 

How much does a cannabis test cost?

Cannabis testing costs vary from test to test, and size of the sample batch. To find out more about our affordable cannabis tests, contact LabPlex at 562.753.6700 or fill out this form so we can best quote your individual cannabis test needs. 

What types of testing do you offer?

Why travel from cannabis testing lab to cannabis testing lab, performing varied tests. LabPlex is your all-in-one solution for all of your cannabis test needs. Currently, we offer the following tests in accordance with California compliance and beyond. View all available testing services we offer or Contact Us if you have a testing need you do not see on our website. We’re likely able to help or provide support through a partner lab. 

What type of products can be tested?

Testing cannabis for pesticides is crucial for consumer safety. In accordance with California regulations, we test for a variety of pesticides. Keep in mind, while you may not use pesticides yourself – material being tainted from neighboring farms or exterior sources, can occur. Below is a list of pesticides that are screened for, or learn more about our cannabis pesticide testing here.

What pesticides are screened when testing cannabis for pesticides?

Testing cannabis for pesticides is crucial for consumer safety. In accordance with California regulations, we test for a variety of pesticides. Keep in mind, while you may not use pesticides yourself – material being tainted from neighboring farms or exterior sources, can occur. To see a full list of pesitcides we test for and to learn more about our cannabis pesticide testing, click here

What is the procedure to submit my sample?

That depends on what test you are requesting to complete. For compliance testing, a strict process and procedure is required by the state. For quality assurance/R&D testing there are less restrictions and most samples can be dropped off directly at our cannabis testing facility. For more information on submitting your sample, contact us today to speak to our of our helpful LabPlex representatives or for more information on compliance testing procedures vs quality assurance/R&D testing processes.

How big of a sample is required for cannabis testing in California?

The size of your sample will depend on the full size of your harvested flower or manufactured product batch. Check out our handy guide of sample sizes per current state guidelines via our Phase 3 CA Compliance page. For quality assurance or R&D testing, below are the sample requirements to accurately test material: 

  1. Harvested flower – 1 g
  2. Extracts, oil and concentrates – 2 g
  3. Infused cooking material (butter or oil) – 2 g
  4. Edibles – 1 package or serving size
  5. Capsules – 2 g
How do I schedule a test at your cannabis testing facility?

Contact LabPlex at 562.753.6700 or fill out the form on our Contact Us page to begin the process of scheduling your test in our cannabis testing lab. 

Do all cannabis testing results get submitted to the state?

No. If you’re performing a quality assurance or R&D test, cannabis testing results are sent directly to the original requestor and not submitted into the state’s database.