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Cannabinoid Potency Analysis

Potency is a part of cannabis compliance testing, for a good reason. Cannabis potency testing measures just how much cannabinoids and what types of cannabinoids varied products contain for labeling purposes.

This is especially key to consumers since the type of cannabinoids will ultimately determine the kind of effects you’ll feel. It is even more important to beginner users, who might be sensitive to high THC levels and can use exact percentages to know how much actually to consume.

Cannabinoid or potency testing became a part of California’s compliance requirements in Phase 1 of the state’s regulation roll-out. Beyond compliance, potency testing can also be beneficial for quality assurance or R&D results, as well.

Measuring just what levels of cannabinoids are produced or contained in your cannabis flower or product can give great insight into how processes need to adjust to reach targeted cannabinoid levels.

So, not only are you ensuring a safe and mindful experience for your consumers – but a potency test is also one of the most satisfying results to receive as a grower or manufacturer with high marks.

What was once a mystery hidden behind a shroud of illegality is now one of the most popular areas of scientific analysis regarding the therapeutic effects that cannabis can provide.

The Importance of Screening for Potency

Cannabis potency is a measurement that refers to the medicinal strength or efficacy of the marijuana flower or manufactured good. Potency testing determines the exact percentages of varied cannabinoids that produce the cannabis plant’s unique effects.

For medical or recreational consumers to use effectively and safely – cannabis potency results are crucial, which is why the BCC (Bureau of Cannabis Control) in California requires it. A potency analysis ensures products are correctly labeled in recreational and medicinal markets to help consumers better understand the strength of what’s to come.

Plus, as many minor cannabinoids become more popular with increased research, like D8-THC and CBG…you can better label and brand your product to target trending markets.

Outside of compliance testing and labeling – determining your plant or products’ potency levels can also be helpful through quality assurance/R&D testing. Internally, or more personally, this type of cannabis potency testing can help to:

  • Shift future harvest times to maximize specific cannabinoid levels.
  • Determine medicinal potency for caregivers or patients.
  • Adjust drying and curing processes, if necessary.

The LabPlex Way of Testing

At LabPlex we triple our ability to test your product or flower, for potency accurately. Our state-of-the-art cannabis testing facility is equipped to test material with the following methods depending on the size of the sample –

  • High-Resolution Method
  • High-Sensitivity Method
  • High-Throughput Method

Multiple approaches to cannabis potency testing give LabPlex a unique edge for accuracy and reliability. See, the high-resolution method is required for baseline separation of 11 or more components, including THCV. This tends to be the preferred method for research purposes.

On the other hand, the high sensitivity method is useful when experts are looking for the sharpest chromatographic peaks and the best sensitivity. This method is ideal for detecting minor cannabinoids, like THCV, while still receiving the full spectrum of major cannabinoids, too.

The high throughput method is ideal when a high sample is needed due to cost-effectiveness and rapid efficiency. This UV screening method is the latest to cannabis testing and has been designed in collaboration with commercial testing labs.

At LabPlex, the cannabinoids that are tested for and identified include:

  • CBC – Cannabichromene
  • CBN – Cannabinol
  • CBGA – Cannabigerolic acid
  • CBG – Cannabigerol
  • CBDV – Cannabidivarin
  • CBDA – Cannabidiolic acid
  • CBD – Cannabidiol
  • THCV – Tetrahydrocannabivarin
  • THCA – d9-Tetrahydrocannabinol acid
  • d8-THC – d8-Tetrahydrocannabinol
  • d9-THC – d9-Tetrahydrocannabinol

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