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Microbial Pathogen Screening

Microbial pathogens or microorganisms that can reside in your cannabis flower or other products can cause serious safety risks to consumers, especially those with preexisting health conditions, like medical marijuana consumers. California cannabis microbial testing is required for compliance’s sake in the State but can be just as useful for production operations.

Microbial pathogens reside in your flowers and other products and can cause serious safety risks to your consumers. LabPlex tests for the presence of these microbial pathogens at a genetic level, ensuring that your products are clean and safe. It also helps to ensure that your production facilities and methods are in line with consumer safety measures.

The Importance of Screening for Microbials

Screening for harmful microbial pathogens, like Aspergillus species, STEC E.Coli, and Salmonella Spp is somewhat self-explanatory. For your product to be safe for consumption, there can be no trace of microbial pathogens. Especially considering the state requires the test as compliance, through phase 3 testing California regulations.

Compliance testing, or not, microbial testing is key to keeping your consumers safe and quality standards high. If traces of microbial pathogens appear on your screening, your operation should undergo significant changes in its process to ensure products can even be consumed.

Without a safe product, your brand can suffer from a lack of reliability and trust – which is important in a cannabis industry that’s increasingly expanding.

The LabPlex Way of Microbial Testing

That’s also why it’s important to work with a cannabis lab testing facility with the most advanced testing equipment to ensure assurance. LabPlex is dedicated to providing you with exceptional cannabis lab testing services with a quick turnaround time at a great value.

You can trust that our testing services will ensure that your cannabis products are compliant with state regulations and are safe for public consumption. While also trusting our commitment to quality assurance/R&D results for accuracy and improved internal operations.

Rest assured, we’ll always work with you to ensure that your cannabis is and will continue to be of the utmost quality.

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At LabPlex, our primary goal is to help build a community of cannabis users that can feel safe consuming the products you create. We strive to prioritize reliability, convenience, timeliness, and accuracy for a premium testing experience from start to finish. Our team is thrilled to be growing as the premier cannabis testing lab California industry professionals can trust when it comes to results and service.

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