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Mycotoxin Testing

The naturally occurring toxins that are in the most common molds and fungi are known as mycotoxins. These molds can be found on a variety of different foods and plants, including the cannabis flower and any products derived from it. The problem is intensified in warm and humid conditions.

You may think you have the most secure production methods and storage facilities, but overlooking potential molds by forgoing mycotoxin testing can destroy your credibility and leave you in a world of hurt. The health of your clientele is of the utmost importance when establishing your brand.

It’s in your best interest to ensure that your products are free of harmful mycotoxins. These toxins can cause serious health concerns, including sickness, nausea, and vomiting.

Our mycotoxin testing can help analyze any harmful mycotoxins that may be present in your cannabis products. Using our techniques, we can help you test a variety of products, including flowers, concentrates, edibles, and other cannabis infused products.

Establishing Trust in Your Consumers

For a lot of people, trying cannabis is a new experience that they’ll approach with caution. Establishing a brand that consumers can trust not only generates positive experiences with your products, but also establishes you as a brand that can be trusted. When you ensure the health and well-being of the people consuming your products, you’ll increase business and establish long-lasting trust from your consumers.

How LabPlex Helps Makes the Cannabis Industry Safe for Everyone

Working with a cannabis laboratory that you can trust is essential when you want to make sure your cannabis products are safe and of the highest quality. One of the most important tests carried out to ensure your products are safe for consumption is mycotoxin testing.

LabPlex is here to help you maintain safety and your brand image by ensuring your cannabis products are properly tested to ensure compliance with California Regulations. To schedule your lab test, give us a call on (562) 753-6700 email us at