Residual Solvent Analysis in Cannabis

If you’re cultivating cannabis for commercial purposes, residual solvent analysis is an essential step in the lab testing process to ensure your cannabis is safe for consumption. When manufacturing cannabis products, solvents are used to improve synthetic yield and contribute to a change in the product’s chemical properties.

The residual solvent analysis is designed to detect traces of these solvents that are left over from the manufacturing process. This will help ensure that your cannabis is safe for public consumption.

The Importance of Residual Solvent Analysis

State regulations clearly define the limits for residual chemicals in cannabis products. Because of this, manufacturers must take care to monitor solvent levels in their final products, as well as their active ingredients and additives.

All traces of residual solvents in a cannabis product must be removed before it can go to market. Therefore, testing for residual solvents during production is an essential part of preparing your cannabis for the public.

As a manufacturer of cannabis products, it is essential for you to establish yourself as a reputable company that distributes safe cannabis. The only way to ensure that your products are safe for consumption is to send them to a reliable cannabis lab testing facility that you can trust.

LabPlex is Here to Help

LabPlex strives to offer excellent cannabis lab testing services with a quick turn-around-time at a great value to our clients. We provide a full suite of testing services to help ensure that your products are in compliance with state regulations and are safe for the public to consume.

Our core value is to ensure the highest standards of safety and accountability so that your consumers can feel confident in the safety and quality of the products you’re providing them. Our residual solvent analysis will help detect and quantify harmful solvents that are leftover from production, helping you ensure the quality of your cannabis and your reputation with your consumers.

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